Practical experience how to use love Shanghai Library Promotion

with the method of exposure rate strategy love Shanghai library platform promotion enterprise:

a document after the consolidation, most people tend to save as Word or PDF format, the recommended PDF format, is easy to be included, but not easy to be modified for the two communication. In addition, there are PPT documents, making up is time-consuming, but it is very popular because of its clear and concise style, concise language, strong intuitive, many people are easy to view PPT documents, compared to other format. Therefore, the readability of a sort of document format: PPT, PDF, Word, Excel etc..

use a variety of ways to carry on the processing of article

pay attention to the preservation of the document format

if necessary

a document upload, if there is no clear direction, it is difficult to have people will know you in the promotion of what the product or service, if you fill out a clear title, description, classification, labeling and other personal information in the library of Shanghai love account (or directly using the brand name), so, even if you contribute to the document no, what brand name, people can quickly through your love in the Shanghai Library in the introduction or label to understand your promotional products, not doing.

as the saying goes: wine also afraid of deep alley, so learn to processing and packaging. If the company’s product information, most of the original article; if it is on the web or borrowed, remember the need to be adjusted for the title of the article, the first section of the optimization, the best re compiled, which is conducive to search engine included.

collected the relevant information, and confirm the topic

?The following is the

can according to what you want to promote enterprise or product, collect industry information, and organize related documentation, and then confirm the title of the article, and then around this topic in the description and expression. The general love of Shanghai library popular and meaningful, valuable content and related information.

in addition, if you want to contact with text can not be directly used in the article, can contact a picture, it can easily through the audit, a greater chance of. According to the link, in general the content through rate will be very low, if we will link on the page footer template in advance in the edited, it is better to use the WPS software, then leave a link so it is easier to do in the PDF document.

love Shanghai library introduction and tag

Love the sea that can apply >

enterprise external marketing often need to use some external promotion platform, as everyone knows, Shanghai love nature as a priority among priorities to promote the love of Shanghai related platforms such as library, love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar space was also respected. So, how to use love Shanghai library platform to publicize enterprise and product

After the completion of the

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